What is FTC’s existential track record?

FTC is a well established institution that was formed in the year 2000. With 15+ years of experience, our dedicated faculty has produced student’s achievements including 50+ worldwide prizewinners from ABE and 3 under the ACCA course. We have generated many graduates from ABE, FIA and ACCA and we take pride in being the only ACCA GOLD Approved Learning provider for the ACCA courses in Tanzania. FTC is also a registered Computer Based Examination Center for ACCA exams

What is FTC’s mission?

“To become a quality tuition provider of world-class professional qualifications, on an equal opportunity basis thereby providing a sound and beneficial International pathway to professional development of all FTC students”.

How can I contact FTC?

Our responsive admin team is there to help you as a student, to feel comfortable and well covered in terms of your concerns. For any queries you may have, you can reach us via cell, landline, email or you could even visit us at Zanaki Street, Osman Towers 1st floor. For more details, please visit the contact us page

What entry requirements must I meet in order to begin my course?

FTC does not set the entry requirements and they do vary from level to level. For more information, please see the links below that entail entry requirements set by the course providers.


Can FTC assist me with direct payment for my exam fees to the respective course provider?

FTC assists students with foreign payments to the UK based course providers, by making payment on their behalf.

What timings does FTC schedule for classes?

At FTC, we cater for our fulltime and part time students as per the timetable:

  • Full time students
    • either Morning ( 9:00 AM-12:00 PM) or
    • afternoon (2:00 PM to 4:30 PM)
  • Part time students
    • Either evening (5:45 PM to 8:30 PM) or
    • Saturday afternoons

What can I as a student expect from FTC?

Our promise to our students is very simple-

‘Quality education at an affordable price.’

Our students can be rest assured that the classes will commence and end on time, that the entire syllabus will be covered in the allocated duration as set by the course providers, and that our faculty will cover a diverse range of examples both theoretically and practically to maximize understanding. Our lecturers will provide tailored feedback for each student to unleash their personal growth. At FTC, we encourage a learning culture that entails risk taking and exploration of different methods in class. Our students can expect a fast-paced course, delivered with precision and an experience that will develop them on a personal level as well as on a professional level. Expectation policy

What is the procedure if I need a refund before commencement of the semester?

If a student has enrolled for a course during any semester and cancels his / her registration with FTC before commencement of the course, he / she will be entitled to a full refund of the tuition fees paid less Tshs.35, 000 per subject enrolled to a maximum of Tshs.70, 000 in total, which will be charged and the balance refunded.


What are the fees structures like for FTC tuition?

For details on the fee structures for tuition, along with exam fees that the course providers receive, please check our price structure on the brochures below.

How many papers can I take per semester?

Students are free to take as many papers as they personally see fit, however the administration encourages no more than four (4) papers in a semester for full time students and encourage less if you are taking part time classes and are employed full time.

What does FTC expect of me as a student?

At FTC, our work is based on synergy, which is a two way process between teachers and students. From our students, we expect punctuality, attentiveness, willingness to attempt all the tests and exams set during the course of the semester, and adherence to all the policies set by the Administration. Our students are expected to dress and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Link to expectation policy

How does the FTC re-sit policy work?

The option to re-sit becomes a question upon release of the ABE, FIA and ACCA results. Our re-sit package includes, the normal tuition, the revision blocks that take place in February/March for March exams, April/May for June exams, August/September for September exams and October/November for December exam sittings. Our students are expected to take all progressive tests and exams set by the lecturer to enable them to better understand their academic position.

At FTC, our main aim is our student’s success, and therefore:

  1. A 10% discount on tuition fees will apply on all papers where students are taking on a new paper in addition to the ones already enrolled for.
  2. A 25% discount on tuition fees will apply on all papers referred (following the exam results), students will qualify for this discount provided they attended classes or revision for the same subject during the previous semester.
  3. All fees subject to discounts above will be payable in full before the commencement of classes.

When does the FTC refund policy expire?

There will be no refund of fees and students will be required to pay all the fees due on their account as invoiced on the date of commencement after 9 weeks of the semester’s commencement. For more details, please view our Refund policy.

What is the process for a student to make changes/transfers to the papers they wish to take?

Following the ABE, CAT and ACCA exam results, students will be given two weeks to request for any changes in writing or by email. Students will be transferred to subjects across the same levels of ABE, CAT and ACCA, any difference in calculations between the different papers will have to be paid for i.e. shifting from part-time to full-time, enrolling for an additional paper etc. A flat administration fee of Tshs.30, 000 will be charged for all changes requested. At the time of requesting any changes, it is FTC policy that all tuition fees due on account as invoiced should have been settled in full; otherwise, transfer requests may not be accepted.


All the above is subject to availability of space. The management decision is final.

For any more questions, feedback and comments please email us at: